Morning Study Challenge


How To Study?

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30-day Morning Study Challenge


By registering for this event you are joining an incredible community of seekers who are commiting to wake up every day by 5:30am to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour studying Vedanta Philosophy, before you do anything else. No e-mail, no Facebook, just you, your tea, your book, and your pen.

This is a time of independent thought, a time of quietude, a time of solitude, a digital detox, every day. A time of no distraction, where you have nothing to do but read the great truths of life, and reflect upon them. There is no right or wrong, there is no exam. The only aim is to think.

In order for knowledge to metamorphose into wisdom, inward reflection is essential. The knowledge then becomes a part of you, so that you live it rather than merely memorize it. This is the purpose of early morning study. It is a time dedicated to reflection and contemplation upon the eternal principles of life and living, Vedanta.

More important than merely learning the knowledge of Vedanta is its assimilation. Reflection and questioning in the early hours develops the intellect, through which we gain the insight necessary to lead an authentic life. With a developed intellect we are able to govern our emotions, become self-sufficient, and rooted in a healthy sense of self.

What is study? How does one study?

Morning study consists of reading a Vedanta Textbook (text names provided upon sign up) and then approaching every sentence, every concept, in the same way as you would approach science or history. Do not believe in what you read implicitly. Question, analyze, dissect, investigate every idea you come across. Question and verify the knowledge you read with your own reasoning. Only then will you make it your own. Study is not about how much content you ‘get through.’ It is about depth of thinking, not the length.

Once you register, you will receive a welcome packet with more information!