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The Admissions Scandal Parents: Guilty But Innocent

All parents want their children to have access to a solid education as well as a social and professional network to ensure a good start to their adult lives.  But how can otherwise intelligent individuals justify breaking legal and moral boundariesRead More ›

The Philosophers’ Robes

What is the uniform? What does it represent? Why do you wear it?

The Basics

The uniform highlighted in the image comprises a dhoti, kurta, and mala.  The dhoti is simplicity itself: a rectangular sheet of white cotton, wrapped and secured around theRead More ›


The narrative of the Exodus, the journey from bondage to freedom, symbolizes the central theme of the ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta.

Religions may be broadly understood as comprising two aspects: philosophy and ritual. The former presents universal truths about the humanRead More ›

Ingratitude: The Real Traitor

Ingratitude, more strong than traitors' arms,
Quite vanquish'd him:
Shakespeare, The Life and Death of Julius Caesar (III.ii)

While people's attention is preoccupied with political in-fighting and accusations of treasonous behavior, a more insidious traitor continues to subvert individual well-being and collective harmony: ingratitude.

TheRead More ›