Svadharma: Find Your Own Nature


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Svadharma: Find Your Own Nature

followed by a Vegan Potluck Lunch


All animals of a given species have the same basic nature. As a result, their actions are essentially fixed. The human race stands alone as having no fixed, determined nature. No two people are alike, each person expresses their own individualistic traits. One’s specific nature is designated in Vedanta as svadharma, which literally means one’s own nature.

Choosing a course of action in life that is not in line with your svadharma leads to frustration and lack of purpose. It is therefore our first obligation in life to investigate and discover our svadharma.

Join Glen and Nathalie from Vedanta Institute LA for a discussion on how to find your own nature. Be prepared to come with questions! The lecture will be followed by a vegan potluck.


Date: Saturday August, 29th

Time: 10:30am followed by lunch

Location: Sherman Oaks

RSVP: Dave Surber: / 801-870-7433