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Vedanta Institute Los Angeles believes that every person is the architect of their own life.  

VILA’s mission is to empower and support all people through education programs which promote self-reflection, the development of critical thinking, enhanced empathy with others, and self-sufficiency. We aim to provide self-development programs in high schools, universities, businesses, and the public at large, helping all people reach their full potential.

VILA envisions a community where intellectual and empathic development is a priority in homes, educational institutions, and policy.

Vedanta Institute Los Angeles is approved as an organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Code.
EIN: 47-3430270

VILA offers the following:


Study Groups

Ongoing study classes discuss A. Parthasarathy's contemporary commentary of ancient philosophical texts. Classes are provided to the community free of charge.


Introductory Lectures

Interactive discussions explain the basic principles of Vedanta, and how they can be applied in daily life.



The corporate world is afflicted with worry, anxiety and stress, affecting both quality of work and productivity. Corporate Training Programs teach the essential techniques which underly peace and efficiency in action, so you can look forward to work.



Provides seminars to schools, universities and other institutions on instilling higher personal values in young people through the teachings of Vedanta.


One-on-One Sessions

We would often like to see how a general philosophical principle can be applied to an aspect or issue specific to our own life.  One-on-one sessions target the transformation of an idea into action.  Show how an ideal can be practically realized.



An opportunity for self-discovery within a supportive community setting. Start the day with an energizing yoga session followed by enlightening talks and group discussions on different facets of Vedanta.

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Vedanta Institute Los Angeles,
EIN: 47-3430270


Glen Callahan

Originally from New Zealand, Glen’s educational background is in Engineering. In 2006 he took up residence at A. Parthasarathy’s educational institution in India, the Vedanta Academy. After completing the 3-year residential course there he returned briefly to New Zealand, then returned to the Academy to continue study and teaching, staying until June 2014.

Glen has had teaching experience in India, USA, New Zealand and Mauritius, conducting regular study groups for the public, as well as classes in spas, high-schools and universities.

Glen now resides in Los Angeles, where he conducts classes, seminars and workshops on Vedanta. He also contributes to the research and writing of articles for publication on the individual and social impact of Vedanta.


"We both give our unconditional recommendation and support Vedanta Institute seminars; anyone who is interested in learning ways to exchange the stress, depression, and anxiety in their lives with the knowledge, through self reflection, for making more informed decisions leading to a more enlightened, empathetic existence should seriously consider the Vedanta weekly seminars."
​-Pamela Lawrence Horowitz


"Vedanta is the most practical life tool I have ever picked up. It's the gift that keeps on giving."
- Maureen Flannigan


"I had the good fortune of having my first exposure to Vedanta at a presentation made by Swami Parthasarathy. The wisdom and logic of his words resonated with me immediately and I have been participating in regular discussion groups since that time. I find the groups to be both spiritually and intellectually rewarding and while the path to spiritual enlightenment is a long one, I feel that the modest progress I have made to date has truly benefited me in my life and relationships."
– Paul Mayer


"The knowledge of Vedanta is necessary. It is the ABC of life. It is the very alphabet of life. Only when one understands the alphabet, could one be able to study & understand the essence of life. The teachings of Vedanta philosophy is an opportunity of a life time for seekers of reality, to get closer to their real Self."
​-Ben Badiee


Vedanta is derived from two words.  Veda means knowledge, and anta end. Vedanta thus refers to the culmination of knowledge. It is a philosophy which investigates the universal principles that govern the human experience. An understanding of these principles inspires dynamic action towards meaningful goals, improves emotional intelligence and emotion regulation, and provides clarity regarding our purpose and direction in life.

Vedanta Institute LA is inspired by the work of contemporary Indian philosopher A. Parthasarathy.  At 92 years of age, he has dedicated over six decades to translating subtle philosophical themes into a practical technique for contemporary life. He has written ten books on the subject, and continues to teach, travel, and write.

“Living is an art, a skill, a technique, you need to learn and practise it as you would to play a musical instrument or fly an aircraft.”

- Swami Parthasarathy

In 1988 he founded the Vedanta Academy, a world resource for the study, research and dissemination of Vedanta. It offers three-year full-time residential courses and youth camps for students as well as corporate seminars and retreats for professionals and businesspersons. Nestled in the serene hills of Malavli (65 mi south-east of Mumbai), the secluded setting provides an ideal atmosphere for self-reflection and contemplation.


Classes are donation-based and open to the public.  For more, click here.
We also offer closed groups for those wishing to attend sessions that are private.

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