Live with direction

Pursue growth

Self-development is our primary obligation in life.

Organically outgrow immature values, attitudes, and behaviors.

Self-development is an effect.  
We achieve it by integrating specific practices designed to uplift our physical, emotional, and intellectual personalities. 
These practices draw us towards true Self-knowledge.

Why guidance?

Applying general principles to one's own life can be challenging.  It is beneficial to discuss your self-development plan with someone experienced in many of the pitfalls and hidden gems on the path. 

What is Guidance?

Information: Presenting and discussing the practices needed in order to grow. 

Ideal-setting: Visualizing the direction for your life at the five domains of experience.  

Practice: Scheduling in the practices according to your specific temperament and lifestyle.

Feedback: Guidance for your own questioning and analysis.  Suggestions for course corrections.  Not giving answers, but helping you to arrive at your own convictions. 

Relax!: Managing expectations and inspiration.

“The root cause of human suffering is that people fail to look within.
- A. Parthasarathy

Why Glen?

Glen's strength is the experience gained through 15 years of study and practice in the field of self-development.  Simple but not easy: Walk, fall, get up.  Repeat.

Also, Glen recognizes that his primary job is to make himself redundant.  To give you the tools to direct your own growth.  Your self-sufficiency is the goal.

Thirdly, the self-development guidance is based on a solid body of research, reason, and practice.  He studied for 8 years in India under contemporary Indian philosopher, A. Parthasarathy, author of 11 books on the philosophy of self-development  Glen's guidance draws from this extraordinary body of work.  Parthasarathy's unique interpretation of the philosophy of the Vedas has created a practical approach to self-development that is accessible to all.

Call or email to learn more about these sessions.
(310) 871-5840


An introductory session (45 mins) is offered as a gift.  You can explore the program, and see if it fits your needs.

Thereafter, sessions (60 mins) are offered at a base rate of $100/hr.

Discounts are applied for a longer-term commitment, and concessions are available for low-income individuals.  Contact Glen to learn more.