People follow a mechanical way of living, often caught in a mindless routine. We tend to go through our lives without enquiring into the means and purpose of what we are doing. Further, we become victims of stress and strain, causing work and relationships to suffer. Why?

Vedanta retreats provide time to break away from routine and delve into the principles of self-discovery within a supportive community setting. Participants will be introduced to the three spiritual practices of jnana (knowledge), karma (action) and bhakti (devotion). These practices give the seeker a holistic approach to self-development by catering to the intellect, mind and body. Retreats provide a comprehensive program which ensures all aspects of the personality are attended to.

Sample Retreat Schedule:

4:45am Rise
5:00 Individual Morning Study
6:30 Yoga
7:00 Jogging/Walk
8:30 Breakfast
9:30 Vedanta Lecture
11:00 Small Group Discussion
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Rest
3:30 Poetry Session
5:00 Evening Tea
6:00 Big Group Discussion
7:30 Devotional Music
8:00 Dinner
9:00 Retire

* All meals are vegan/vegetarian



One-day workshops offer a rare opportunity to step away from life’s daily pressures and equip yourself with the know-how to deal with whatever the world throws at you. Through multiple sessions and groups discussions, each workshop will delve into a single topic, offering an in-depth exploration in an immersive setting.