Are you intrigued and inspired by Vedanta and want to learn more in a comfortable and lively setting?

Invite your friends, family, and community members for an interactive discussion on the basic principles of Vedanta, and how they can be applied in daily life. We will lead an introductory lecture and a question and answer session to follow.

Topics covered include the list below, and any other areas of interest you may provide.

Anatomy of Experience I – Peace Within & Without
Anatomy of Experience II – The Role of Vedanta
The Devastating Effect of Attachment
Attachment to Religion
Gain Control of Your Life
Ego Management
The Human Composition and The Three Spiritual Disciplines
Building Authentic Relationships
Love as an Intellectual Phenomenon
Vedantic Principle of Success
Action, Sin, Selflessness
Essence of Spirituality
Law of Karma and Theory of Reincarnation
Led by Desire: Acquisition & Enjoyment
Gaining Self-Respect
Knowledge vs. Wisdom
Information vs. Transformation
Wealth vs. Money
Selfishness vs. Self-Love
Thanks God It's Monday: The Joy of Work
Effects of Spiritual Development