Extempore with Swami Parthasarathy


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A rare and private gathering with one of the greatest philosophers of our time: Swami Parthasarathy


Students at the Vedanta Academy are always excited for 'an informal' with Swamiji, where he spontaneously highlights a particular idea or practice for them.  We are happy to bring the 'informal' experience to SoCal.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

9:45 am: Meet and Greet
10:15 am: Introduction and Welcome
10:30 am: Extempore followed by Q&A
12:15 pm: Lunch

Private Estate in Chatsworth, CA

“True education springs from oneself. The word educate etymologically means to draw out.”

Swami A. Parthasarathy is an internationally renowned philosopher with a multi-disciplined academic base with post-graduation from London University.

He has researched for over fifty years on the state of human beings and the urgent need to revive, rehabilitate the human intellect.  In 1988 he founded the Vedanta Academy in Malavli, India, which is acclaimed as a world resource for intellectual development.


Join us at the private estate of Ushakant & Irma Thakkur in the hills of Chatsworth, California.

The grounds of this 17 acre estate will provide you the space to listen, reflect, and learn the higher truths of life.


$1,000 per person
$1,500 per couple
$2,000 for three

All donations and event proceeds are applied towards the study, research and propagation of Vedanta, including student sponsorships at the Vedanta Academy.

Having enthralled audiences across the world for over 65 years with his lifelong research and expertise in the subject of Vedanta, octogenarian philosopher and life guru Swami Parthasarathy will expound its wisdom at a private estate in Chatsworth, California.



A world renowned speaker and author of ten books with three bestsellers
Founder and chief lecturer of the Vedanta Academy, a unique educational institution.

At age 88 continues to play cricket and win man-of-the-match awards competing alongside players less than a third his age.

Swami Parthasarathy has a multi-disciplined academic base with postgraduation from London University. Renouncing a lucrative shipping business early in life he has dedicated his life to study, research and propagation of Vedanta. His writings, discourses and corporate seminars have been widely acclaimed and featured in international press and television media including TIME, New Yorker, Businessweek, CNBC, Sky, Sunday Times London, the New York Post, The Times of India. While business, sport and film celebrities regularly seek his counsel.
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Asian Business Forum
Aspen Ideas Festival
Confederation of Indian Industry
European Business Council
Festival of Thinkers
Indian Cricket Team
Malaysia State Assembly
World Bank
World Economic Forum
World Presidents' Organization
Young Entrepreneurs' Organization
Young Presidents' Organization
Gordon Inst of Business Science
Harvard University
Indian Institutes of Technology
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Malaysia Inst of Management
Oxford University
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“As part of my “second half of life” journey and exploration, I spent a week at the Vedanta Academy in India.  Swamiji, the content of his teaching and the wisdom it contains increased my awareness and gave me the tools to better manage my life moving forward.  Having the conscious framework of the Body, Mind and Intellect to help guide my thoughts and actions, I have more personal clarity and contentment.  I AM having everything in life I want as I help and serve enough others get what they want!”

- Alex Pettes, President, TFI Food Equipment Solutions, Canada,
 YPO, Toronto

"Understanding 'SELF' is empowering. It transforms relationships and enhances the quality of life.  Swamiji's candour, energy, enthusiasm and examples that one can relate to simplified complex concepts. It facilitated the adoption and implementation of ancient wisdom in modern times."
- Charan Kumar, Partner Collins Barrow Toronto LLP, Canada

“Business schools teach you the mechanics of negotiation. They don’t teach you how to use your mind and your intellect to transact. It’s all about case studies. You don’t get to study the person or learn about how your inside works and how you relate to the world.”
- Reza Etedali, Reza Investment Group, Forbes Magazine

"Attending a retreat with Swamiji was challenging, enlightening and transforming. Swamiji is a great guide into yourself and humanity."
Kevin Eyres, Former MD LinkedIn Europe, Mentor for UK Trade & Investment, UK

"Time spent with Swamiji and Vedanta allows you to remove the veil through which you experience everyday life and become exposed to a world of positive living, action and peace."
- Ajen Sita, CEO Ernst & Young Africa, South Africa

“A wonderful and unforgettable experience to help educate us away from the stress and strain of modern life toward life’s true gift of living only for the present.”

- Matt Kenton, Investment Banker Nomura, UK

“I attribute my studies (of Vedanta) to improving the skills I need as a leader. My clarity of purpose is sharper than it has ever been in my life.”

- Larry Moon, Chairman and CEO of Sandstone Group,
 quoted in Forbes Magazine


"He counseled hedge fun managers and venture capitalists in N.Y."



"Extremely helpful to sharpen our comprehension of effective action."



"The Go-Getter's Guru."



"Your presentation received an outstanding response by the students, faculty and staff."



"His clear, systematic and logical presentation inspired and captivated the senior level management of Aluminium Bahrain."



"Thank you for enabling our participants to leave India with a wonderful impression of our country."



"The Thinker."



"It was without doubt the most memorable forum retreat experience we have had."