Path to Pure Thinking

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Detox your negative thoughts with the science of Vedanta.

Why do we all strive for purity, for the ultimate cleanse or detox? What are we actually seeking? Vedanta tells us that we are seeking our own Self, the state of purity, free from egocentric thought and desire. Vedanta is the scientific technique which leads you to your original being, pure Consciousness.

Our original state being, our essential Self is actually pure. This purity is who we are, therefore in the absolute sense, we have never become impure. We have merely lost cognizance of our purity, of our true Self, because of the encrustation of desire. The Reality is regained through exhausting our egocentric desires. The possession of desires keep us entangled in the mundane limitation and mental agitation. It is the eradication of desires which ultimately cleanses our personality and frees us to regain our pure true Self.

Human Being - Desires = God = Purity

The ultimate cleanse, or detox, is the elimination of our ego and egocentric desires, through which we regain our true Self. Saints are not ethereal beings who have fallen from the heavens. They are merely humans, like you and me, who have successfully eliminated their desires. Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, "A human being is Divinity is disguise, God playing the fool." Every human is divine, but encrusted with desires.

Therefore purity is not something gained from outside yourself. Your Pure Self is who you actually are. Therefore, you have never lost your pure Self. It is not possible to lose who you are. It is you. We have merely become ignorant of our true nature because of the varnish of desires.

This can be compared to a brass pot. When a brass pot is oxidized, it is stained, dull, and dark. If the pot were preserved in its pure state, it would remain bright and brilliant. When the pot is tarnished is it only coated in an outer layer of impurity. With polishing and Brasso, the impurity can be removed, and the pot will regain its original brilliance. The distinction between a virtuous and vicious person, between our pure Divine Self and the agitated egoistic personality malfunctioning in the world is merely the difference between the bright and sullied pot. The inherent nature of the pot is to shine. This luster was never lost. The Brasso only removed the impurity which was veiling the inherent brilliance of the pot.

Similarly, Vedanta provides the technique by which the encrustation of desire which is veiling the inherent purity of every human being is removed. The Three Yogas offer the cleanse. They are the three disciplines of Karma Yoga (the Path of Action), Bhakti Yoga (the Path of Devotion), and Gnana Yoga (the Path of Knowledge). See more on these Personal Development Practices.

The word Yoga is derived from the sanskrit root, yuj, which means to join. To join with your essential Self. The three disciplines utilize the body, mind and intellect, to reduce the desires which veil the Self. When these three paths are carefully applied to the personality, they offer the ultimate cleanse. The desires, which tarnish the personality, are ultimately wiped clean. It is through the program of Karma, Bhakti, and Gnana Yoga that one will reduce ones egocentric thoughts and desires and thereby develop concentration. Ultimately with concentration, one will be able to meditate and attain Self Realization. Meditation is the last lap of the journey, it is not practised until all desires pertaining to this world have been extinguished. When the last desire, the desire for Self alone has vanished, the pure Self, who you actually are, unfolds.