Current educational programs in schools and universities focus on increasing intelligence through the acquisition of external information; however, intelligence alone does not prepare the individual to face the challenges of life. To function with both efficiency and equanimity, one must develop a powerful intellect. The alarming rise in stress and deteriorating productivity levels among students is a result of lack of intellectual development.

An intellect enables one to think critically, to reason and judge without bias. With no program to develop the intellect, students suffer from lack of direction and initiative, anxiety and stress, poor self-esteem and an inability it to introspect.

VILA offers schools and universities tailor-made programs to promote intellectual development. Vedanta focuses upon the individual. Students are educated on the fundamental principles governing the inner personality and its relationship to the world. In a light-hearted environment, they learn the value and technique of clear, critical thinking.

With intellectual strength and clarity, students will be able to accommodate the challenges of academic life and function with both productivity and inner peace.